About us

We are experts in designing and developing houseware products.

In 2005, Boulanger France – a retailer specialized in houseware and multimedia goods – launched their own brands in order to assert their identity on a highly competitive market. They then created a department whose mission was to define the strategic positioning of the brands and set up the graphic charter.

This work led to the creation of “Listo” and “Essentiel b”, respectively Boulanger’s first and medium brands, and to the commercialization of the first products in 2006: the BP L1 kettle (“Listo”) and EX 301i microwave (“Essentiel b”).

The department became an independent subsidiary company of HTM Group in 2007 under the name “Sourcing & Creation”. We’ve kept developing and now have about 150 in-house employees, including 50 in the China’s offices. The Chinese representative offices, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzen, are in charge of sourcing products and building partnerships with local suppliers.

Initially the exclusive supplier of Boulanger for “Listo” and “Essentiel b” products, our expertise now allows us to work successfully with other customers.

From the international sourcing phase to the final delivery at the customer’s warehouses, each step in the development of the projects is achieved in accordance with three guidelines: quality, compliance with our customer’s specifications and user-friendliness.

As a way to assert our originality, Sourcing & Creation has its own design department. Besides, our expert technicians working in the in-house test lab are equipped with sophisticated technologies. More recently, in 2014, Sourcing & Creation launched a R&D department.